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United Florist Network, Custom Products United Florist Network, Custom Products

Order Management

United Florist Network United Florist Network United Florist Network
Order Panel
United Florist Network

  • Use the control bar to mark orders
    delivered, give refunds, and view your transaction log

  • Click the arrangement to view the recipe, container, and SKU

  • Vew detailed customer information

  • Get directions from your location to the recipient’s address

Change your store hours, payment options, and more

The intuitive, straightforward settings panel makes changing your store hours, delivery fees, and payment options a breeze. Need to close for an upcoming holiday? No problem! Just select the day on your built-in calendar and you’re all set.

In your settings profile, you can manage...

  • General shop information
  • Store hours and calendar
  • Holiday closures
  • Delivery fees
  • Same-day delivery cut-off times
  • Payment gateway and accepted credit cards
  • Sales tax rate
  • Automatic printing settings
Google Cloud Print

All incoming orders automatically print
right in your shop

Stay organized, effortlessly! When an order is placed on your UFN website, a copy will automatically be sent straight to your printer. With a digital log in your UFN account and a hard copy automatically printed, you have multiple ways to keep your orders organized and efficiently filled.

Too busy to check your computer? No problem. We're making it easier than ever to keep track of your orders. Even if you're not logged into your UFN account, your orders will be sent to your printer - in fact, they'll even print if your computer is turned off! How's that for convenient?

UFN Payments

Quality and speed.

UFN Payments offers same-day deposits. On top of this, you’ll be receiving our stellar customer service. Questions and concerns will be answered in full by our support team.

Stay organized, effortlessly.

Track your deposits with our Transfers panel. See each day a transfer goes through to your shop. Then look further to see every order in your deposit.

United Florist Network, UFN Payments

Create coupon codes and promotions

With a variety of options to choose from, coupons can be created to suit any occasion - and are a great way to bring in repeat customers.

You can...

  • Set a minimum purchase amount to receive a discount
  • Set a maximum number of coupon uses
  • Assign coupon expiration dates
  • Create coupons in advance to go into effect at a later date
United Florist Network - Coupon Creation UFN - Florist Websites - Coupon Creation

Easily manage products

Customize our Products

Enable and disable products
at the flick of a switch

Change prices instantly

Or create your own custom products!

An easy-to-use form guides you through adding custom products. You can specify the product name and description, plus a product recipe to be used by your designers and even the type of vase to be used. Set a price, add upgrade prices if you choose to, and more!

Start selling your product
online instantly!

Assign categories!

Images are automatically
web optimized

Custom product

See what UFN can do for you.

UFN provides ecommerce services for local brick-and-mortar flower shops across North America.

UFN has created a user-friendly and cutting-edge website system designed to regain your business from order gatherers and wire services. By including selection guide management, order processing, and more in one easy interface, United Florist Network lets you get back to doing what you love - designing arrangements!

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