Four Easy Steps to a Greener Shop

We bet you’ve heard it a lot in the past few years: “Go green!” And we all know why: We have to start taking better care of our planet. But did you know that “going green” can also help your business?


According to, 42% of North American consumers are “willing to pay more for products and services provided by companies that are committed to positive social and environmental impact.”(1) Additionally, SurveyMonkey reports that 33% of US consumers are moderately more likely to purchase eco-friendly products, 22% are very likely, and 11% are extremely likely.(2) Wow! That means that even if you need to spend a little more to make a “green” investment, there’s a good chance your shoppers will be willing to spend more, too!

Whether you want to go big with your environmentally-friendly changes, or just make a few small adjustments, here are four easy ways to go green to help the planet and help your shop’s bottom line!



Along with the positive changes you can make for the environment, going green can also save small businesses money. For example, CFL and LED light bulbs may cost more upfront, but they last significantly longer than incandescent light bulbs and reduce your energy bills. It’s a small change that, over time, can have a big effect!



Another great option is to email receipts to your customers instead of printing them. It will save you money on ink and paper, and save a tree or two!(3) It also has the added benefit of making your business look much more modern.



Here’s a big idea! Try offering a vase exchange: Let your shoppers bring in their vases in exchange for shop credit. It’s a great way to recycle, plus, it will help increase foot traffic to your shop.



Ready for a BIGGER change? The Society of American Florists says that “the floral industry strongly encourages sustainability and best practices in the production of flowers and throughout the distribution chain.”(4) In order to increase the sustainability of your shop, try offering local or organic flowers. Don’t forget to label your in-season, locally-grown flowers so environmentally-conscious shoppers can make a smart selection!


With the current widespread knowledge about climate change, many shoppers, and particularly younger generations, are attracted to the idea of buying sustainable products. Speak to them where they live: On social media! Be sure to let your Facebook followers know about your green efforts too, so that these younger audiences have a new incentive to support your local business. You can also promote your environmentally-friendly practices on your website, to give all shoppers a special motivation to shop with you.

By making any one of these changes, you will be helping our planet, and your customers will appreciate the effort! Give it a try - and let us know in the comments about your favorite “go green” practices!

Until next time! 
The UFN Marketing Team