How Will Your “Google My Business” Page Help Your Shop Grow?

Do you know that proper optimization of your Google My Business page can have hugely positive effects on your online business and order volume? 

Let’s start with some of the basics. 
What is a “Google My Business” page? AGoogle My Business page, formerly known as a Google Business Page, is Google’s own online directory of local businesses, made to help guide people who search for businesses near their location. With these pages, your flower shop can potentially be front and center to local customers looking for florists! 

Perhaps even more importantly, without aGoogle My Business page, your business won’t appear on Google Maps on mobile devices! With most searches, according to Google, now happening on mobile devices, this is a huge segment you can’t afford to miss out on.

Figure 1

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So, how does it work?
It’s simple! Go to and enter a search for “local florist.” What do you see? First, you’ll find ads powered by Google’s AdWords program (which we will explore in our blog at a later date). Following the four ads, you’ll see a squared-off group of listings known as the Google Local Pack. This group will show the most relevant and optimized Google My Business pages (Figure 1).

When clicked, these listing transfer you to a local listings page where detailedGoogle My Business pages appear, including basic business information as well as a map of similar local businesses (Figure 2). If you are a local florist, ensuring that your business appears here is crucial to your online presence. 

Figure 2

How does your Google My Business page affect your shop?
A recent study shows that 18% of local searches lead to sales, compared to only 7% for non-local searches. Every day, shoppers search for specific businesses near them in order to make same-day purchases. Why shouldn’t you take advantage of this growing opportunity for exposure and raise your shop’s brand awareness? 

What else can a Google My Business page do for you?  
Google My Business pages are a both a service and a media opportunity that helps business owners share information about their stores, products, reviews, and geographic locations when shoppers search for, say, “flowers in Houston” or “florists near me.” The service is specifically tailored for real, local, brick-and-mortar shops just like yours, which sell both from a physical retail location and an online store. 

Here’s a quick rundown of the benefits of a Google My Business page:

Figure 1
  • It’s a FREE service provided by Google.
  • It promotes your local business, so your shop stands out from competitors like wire services and order gatherers who are reaching for the same shoppers.
  • Your shoppers can find your location and contact information quickly easily on any device.
  • It increases your business visibility. Increased traffic (online and in-store) means increased orders! 
  • Customer reviews assure new shoppers that your business is a worthy and dependable resource. Reviews say your shop is vital, and above all, local.

Now that you know why it’s so important to have a Google My Business page, the next step is to make sure your page is properly optimized. There are a few simple steps you can take to help make sure your business appears for relevant searches in your area. 

  • Enter complete information. Include your shop name, full street address, phone numbers, email address, and more. The more information that Google has, the more easily it can match up your business with potential shoppers.
  • Verify your business. Verification by phone or mail lets Google know that you are who you say you are, which increases your chances to be seen. You can learn more about verification here
  • Manage your reviews. Responding to customer reviews shows that you care about your shoppers, and will go the extra mile to ensure their satisfaction. Respond politely and positively to negative reviews, and don’t forget to request reviews from your customers!


Once your Google My Business page has been created, claimed, and optimized, you’ll be in a great position to start attracting more local shoppers! So, what are you waiting for? Get started on your Google My Business page today!

Until next time!
Tiffany Putvain
UFN Web Presence Specialist